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Tower Garden Grow Guide: How to Grow Arugula

Fresh organic arugula leaves in a wooden bowl on a dark green slate,stone or concrete background.
Fast to grow, rich in nutrients, packed with flavor. How can you go wrong?
1 out of 5 leaves
4 weeks

Why We Love Arugula

In the world of leafy greens, you’ll be hard pressed to find some more popular than arugula. Part of the brassica family of vegetables with broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, arugula is high in fiber and antioxidants. It is also rich in glucosinolates, which studies show may reduce the risk of developing lung, prostate, breast and pancreatic cancer. In fact, arugula has more calcium and zinc than kale, a known superfood. Rightfully so, arugula is good for the body and deserves a place on your Tower Garden.

Download the Arugula Grow Guide PDF.


  • Apollo - Smooth, oval leaves and a milder flavor. It can withstand fairly well in the heat.
  • Astro - Mild flavor, known to mature quicker than most other varieties.
  • Olive Leaf - Wld, Italian type with an intense, but not overpowering, flavor.
  • Sylvetta - Narrow, spicy leaves and is slow to bolt.

Planting Your Seedlings

What You’ll Need

  • Tower Garden Growing System
  • Seedling Starter Kit (If starting with seeds)
  • Arugula seeds/seedlings (included in Seedling Starter Kit)
  • Net pots or Growing Clips
  • LED Indoor Grow Lights (for indoor growing)
  • Access to power source

More information on starting your seeds is here.

  1. Germinate your seeds. This step will take roughly 1-2 weeks. Arugula seeds should be ready for transplant 10–14 days after sprouting, or whenever they have at least 2–3 leaves and a visible root structure.
  2. Place one seedling cube into each net pot or growing clip on your Tower Garden Growing System. We recommend planting arugula near the top of your Tower Garden, where it can comfortably grow upward and outward — which it will do rapidly.
  3. Gently press the seedling cube until it touches the base of the net pot or growing clip.

Growing Conditions

Temperature: 45–80˚F

Light exposure and watering cycle can be controlled by our digital timer, but for manual reference:


For outdoor – minimum 6-8 hours of full sunlight daily

For indoor – set grow light timer for 14-16 hours on, 8-10 hours off

Watering Cycle

Please set the Tower timer to “O” for outdoor growing or “I” for indoor growing.

Maintenance & Pest Prevention

  • Check water and pH levels at least weekly.
  • Keep roots away from pump.
  • If not in full sun when outdoors, rotate garden regularly for even growing.
  • Clean pump monthly.
  • Check regularly for pests.
  • Remove dead plant debris.
  • Destroy diseased plant material.

More information on Tower Garden maintenance is here, as well as extra help for pests and troubleshooting.


  • Harvest only a few leaves at a time, from the bottom of the plant upward.
  • Allow 2–3 leaves to remain so the plant may keep growing.
  • Repeat every 2–3 days until the plant bolts, or begins flowering. Flavour will intensify after each harvest. 
  • After bolting, replace the plant with a fresh seedling. Learn more about bolting.

Ways to Enjoy

  • Salads – Enjoy on its own or mixed in with other greens picked from your Tower Garden, arugula makes a delicious and nutritious salad. Take your arugula salad to the next level by pairing it with a sweeter balsamic, which balances well with its peppery notes.
  • Pizza Toppings – Enhance any homemade or store bought pizza by dressing up your arugula in a simple lemon vinaigrette before piling it high on top of your other favorite ingredients.
  • Sandwiches - Arugula is a classic green for hot pressed sandwiches like paninis, but also serves as a fun, more flavorful alternative to lettuce on cold subs too.

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